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Self-adhesive sealing tapes and security labels

Security tapes and labels:
for products, containers and packaging

Self-adhesive security tapes and labels with irreversible warning notices and perforated inspection sections for the tamper- and manipulation-proof closing of multi- and single-use containers, cargo boxes, packaging, catering trolleys and transport cases. Also suitable for the recording of test- and inspection results, for the direct labelling of finished and semi-finished products, and for use as warranty seals and tamper evident labels in airport logistics. Labels can be printed individually with logos, sequential numbers serial numbers or bar codes.

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Self-adhesive sealing tapes and security labels made from plastic

The security tapes and labels from Schümann convince as a security seal and test label on products, containers and packaging

These days, it is impossible to imagine the worlds of retail, logistics, supply and industry without the use of security tapes and labels. To provide protection against tampering and unauthorised opening, to visualise your inspection processes, to simplify complaints processes and to support your quality management, Schümann therefore offers a wide range of self-adhesive security tapes and security labels made from polyester. These tapes and labels feature an integrated warning and can be used for several applications that are relevant to security: for the sealing of reusable containers, disposable containers and cargo boxes; for the securing of packaging, catering trolleys and transport cases; for the documentation of testing and inspection results, and also for the direct labelling of finished and semi-finished products. The security tapes and security labels from Schümann also see widespread use as a warranty seal. They are also very popular in the world of airport logistics, where they provide a wide variety of supply processes with protection against tampering and unauthorised opening as tamper evident labels.

Irreversible warning notice

Every attempt to surreptitiously remove a security label or security tape from Schümann is doomed to failure, as an irreversible warning is revealed. Any tampering is therefore evident at first glance, because the tape or the label has to be completely destroyed or the warning notice that remains on the surface – a wafer-thin adhesive film – renders the unauthorised access visible. In addition to this, self-adhesive security tapes and labels can be individually printed with logos and warning notices according to the customers’ wishes. The security tapes and labels from Schümann can be applied manually or fully automatically.

Perforated inspection sections

Due to the printing in particular, our security labels are an exceptionally flexible carrier medium for identification technology. For sophisticated security-related tasks – in the area of airport logistics, for instance – the labels can be printed with seal-like prints, consecutive numbers, numerical codes or bar codes. While in this case, the majority of the label seals the cargo container, the shelf, the packaging, the maintenance cover or the tank nozzle, a small section can be removed manually from one perforation for inspection purposes and attached to the necessary fields on the security form for documentation purposes. This way, through the digital possibilities offered by delivery tracking, the security staff obtain a monitoring which is as simple as it is incorruptible.

Customized for cardboard and paper

The Schümann security seal tapes from the ST 66 range have been designed especially for application on cardboard or paper surfaces. This is a total transfer type of security sealing tape which wraps around itself. Its functionality is as explained above: an individually configurable warning text which is integrated in the tape and an individual print provided on the surface provide double the level of security and make it easy to see whether the packaging has experienced unauthorised access or tampering. This sealing tape is available in a variety of colours and widths. It is temperature resistant in the range of -40 °C - + 80°C.

Extremely secure on plastic and cardboard

For users who require the Schümann sealing tapes for attaching onto plastic, film and cardboard, we recommend the use of the tapes in our ST 77 range. These are dyed tapes which are manufactured according to the guidelines of DIN ISO 9001 and even activate on the uneven surfaces of stretch and shrink-wrap plastic. Once again, a warning notice which is incorporated in the tape appears in the case of tampering and unauthorised opening. The tape can also be printed on. A special acrylic adhesive makes this sealing tape resistant to tampering and unauthorised opening with the application of ice. The tape is available in the colours of blue, red and brown and is optionally available in specialist colours.

Ideal for reusable boxes and cases of warranty

Our security labels from the ST 88 range are recommended especially highly for application on reusable packaging systems and as warranty seals. They are non-transfer tapes with a silicon paper cover. Once again, in this case, a warning notice appears in the tape itself. As the sealing tapes in the ST 88 range can be removed from most surfaces without leaving behind any residue after fulfilling their function, they are the ideal security system for products, the visuals and design of which should not be spoilt by residues adhesive or colouration. These tapes are often used for sealing reusable containers, the casings of electronic products, commercial vehicles and containers that are used to store cash. Another typical area of use is as an inspection tag or warranty seal on the casings of devices for the verification of warranty claims or complaints. This security seal tape can also be individualised with the printing of company logos, texts, numerical codes or bar codes.

Packaging tape for cardboard, bags and sacks

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