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Gummed tapes with prints

Gummed tapes with prints:
colourful and individual

logistics and ident-codes, brand and product information, company logos and advertising messages or warnings, security seals and guarantee symbols – in the print service from Schümann, all packaging tapes receive single and multicoloured prints according to your specifications. With customer and product-specific prints you can enhance your cardboard packaging with additional functions surrounding branding, product protection, corporate identity or process optimisation. This means that you can reduce the expenses associated with printing on the cardboard packaging itself!

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The print and labelling service from Schümann provides customer-specific packaging closing tapes with colourfully printed surfaces

The key function of the unreinforced and reinforced gummed tape from Schümann is the dust-tight, tamper-proof and environmentally friendly closing of cardboard packaging from all weight classes. The adhesive tapes for packaging can also be printed in a variety of different ways. In our printing and labelling service, we also give you the possibility of providing the visible surface of our paper adhesive tapes with single colour and multicolour prints according to your own ideas. In this way, your packaging not only obtains all of the logistical and ident-codes that it needs, it can also carry brand labels, product information, company logos, advertising messages, warning information, security seals and much more.

Flexible labelling of neutral cardboard packaging

Through the customer-specific and product-oriented printing of the closing tapes, every cardboard package, every packet and every simple carton can be enhanced exceptionally easily with additional functions for the purposes of product protection, quality assurance or process optimisation. This means that you can reduce the expenses associated with printing on the cardboard packaging itself! This means you can buy neutral cardboard packaging in large quantities at low cost which you can then individualise with printed gummed tape when you close it – an area in which you therefore remain flexible! In many cases, the application of addition labels is superfluous, as all of the relevant information can simply be printed on the gummed tapes.

Improve your brand labelling

In our printing and labelling area, a wide variety of different single coloured and multicoloured prints are created each day. Many of our customers decide to add EAN codes, QR codes, matrix codes or other identifiers from the areas of logistics, ident-technology or process technology to the packaging tapes, for example. In particular, online retailers and large-scale providers of logistics services have discovered the printing of the gummed tapes as a low cost option for providing their cardboard packaging with original logos, individual colour combinations or unmistakeable product logos to stand out better from their competitors and to improve their brand labelling.

Special colours, six colour printing and full surface printing

The simplest approach is for us to print your packaging tape in black. More frequently, however, we complete tricolour and colourful prints in all colours of the PMS-Pantone Matching System®, as well as prints in individual and product-typical special colours. Upon request, in the case of large series productions, we can also label the closing tape for cardboard packaging in the form of a sophisticated 6-colour print or as a full surface print. All of the printed gummed tapes from Schümann are supplied on ready-to-use reels that are available in a variety of lengths. They can be applied to packaging made from corrugated or solid cardboard both manually and semi-automatically or with the use of fully automatic closing equipment and packaging lines.

Printing increases tamper resistance

With the tapes from Schümann, packages and cartons obtain a secure and air-tight closure which makes tampering to the packaging immediately identifiable. This is because after it is activated with water, the coating on tear-resistant adhesive tapes creates an inseparable material composite with the cardboard packaging. Packages which have been closed with gummed tape from Schümann cannot be open or closed again without destroying the surface of the cardboard. The use of printed closing tapes further supports this effect, because tears and damage to the printed image due to possible tampering to the packaging are very visible – similar to breaking a seal. Printed packaging tape therefore offer an especially high degree of product safety and make an active contribution to transport safety and quality assurance.

Environmentally-friendly printing

The gummed tapes from Schümann are made from tear-resistant Kraft paper and water-activated glue. The paper is only manufactured from wood which originates from sustainably managed forests in the EU. The water-activated gummed tape is also a natural product, as it consists of a coating which is based on potato starch, the adhesive effect of which is achieved with a simple and sparing application of water. To ensure the exemplary eco-balance of our packaging tapes during their printing, we only use water-soluble inks in our printing and labelling service.

Closing product for cardboard, pouches and bags

Read more here about our reinforced gummed tapes, our environmentally friendly packaging tape from our Green Line series, as well as our pouch closing tapes, our bag closing tapes with hot-melt adhesive coating and our security tapes. We will also be pleased to inform you about the topics of transport safety and tear-and-open technology.