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Veneer adhesive for furniture production

Veneer adhesives: water activated or self-sealing

Gummed veneer tape, SIFA glue threads and self-adhesive tape for the handicraft-based or industrial production of seamless veneer panels from real wood. Optimised for the realisation of secure and durable joint seals during the manual, semi- and fully automated production processes in the furniture industry. Also suitable for veneers with rough or irregular surface finishes.

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veneer tape, SIFA glue threads and self-adhesive tapes from Schümann enable the efficient production of high quality veneer panels from real wood

A key quality factor for the handicraft-based or industrial production of high quality veneer panels from real wood is the use of the suitable veneer adhesive. For this specialist task in the area of wood processing, Schümann offers you three alternatives which allow you to achieve secure and long-lasting sealing joints: reels of veneer tape with a water activated gummed coating, reasonably priced SIFA glue threads and self-adhesive specialist sealing tape. All three veneer adhesives are suitable for the manual as well as the semi- and fully-automatic production of the veneer.

Gummed veneer tape made from specialist paper

The water-activated veneer tapes, which are made from ultra-thin specialist paper, are the modern classics among veneer adhesives. They are the high quality solution for the creation of seamless veneer surfaces from real wood, such as cherry and beech. Their key area of use is the production of veneer panels without visible or tangible joints for refining the surfaces of furniture, doors, wall cladding or fittings. These tapes are made from cellulose- or Kraft paper with an acid- and grease-free adhesive coating. At Schümann, these adhesive tapes are available in a variety of versions with a thickness of up to 0.5 millimetres and paper weights starting from 34 g/m2 – and are ready to use on reels. The starch adhesive that we use in all of the gummed coatings on our veneer tapes is completely harmless; the sparing application of a little water is all that’s necessary for it to achieve its immediately effective and durable bonding performance.

The gummed veneer tapes from Schümann are suitable for use in the fully automated production lines in the wood processing industry, as well as for semi-automatic or manual application at furniture makers or in handicraft businesses. Coordinated to your technical and production-related requirements, we can supply you with our water-activated veneer tapes on reels that are up to 400 metres in length, in perforated and non-perforated versions, and in widths of 8.0 to 25 millimetres. Schümann veneer tapes with regular hole patterns support the optimisation of processes because they significantly reduce the outlay on subsequent sanding work.

Our current selection of paper qualities for veneer tapes ranges from translucent and bleached cellulose paper – very thin but tear resistant – to bleached Kraft paper for light veneer woods, to brown Kraft papers for dark veneer woods. For the production of thicker or more heavily used veneer panels, we recommend our veneer tape which is made from Kraft paper.

Our gummed veneer tapes ensure the secure and durable bonding of even the most delicate veneers and guarantee the realisation of seamless veneer surfaces – even when it is necessary to prepare lengths of veneer with rough or uneven surface finishes. The high quality of the veneer tapes from Schümann ensures that the joints between the individual lengths of veneer aren’t visible and feature neither irregularities nor blemishes.

SIMA glue threads in different sizes

Our delicate SIFA glue threads are a widely used and economical alternative to our water-activated veneer tape. They are also considered a high quality solution for the production of veneer panels from real wood. The glue threads are suitable for the bonding of lengths of veneer which are both lengthwise and horizontal. Their hot-melt adhesive is easily activated and provides for sustained and durable bonding.

The SIFA glue threads in the range of veneers offered by Schümann are compatible with all the current types of application machines and are suitable for use in all fully automated production systems, as well as for semi-automatic and manual processing. As a user, you can choose between three different sizes of thread with different adhesive concentrations for processing in systems with conventional heating or air heating. Our SIFA offering includes ready-to-use reels with thin threads and a low amount of adhesive, reels with medium sized threads and a normal amount of adhesive, and reels with bigger threads that have a high concentration of adhesive.

All of the machine and manual reels from Schümann feature different colour rings for their straightforward identification. The key strengths of the SIFA glue threads from Schümann include the fact that they ensure seamless joints, even with lengths of veneer that have rough or irregular surface finishes.

Self-adhesive veneer tape on PP surfaces

The innovative alternative to gummed veneer tape made from paper is the self-adhesive SF range of veneer tapes from Schümann. These tapes have been developed for the dry, water-free manufacturing of real wood veneer panels, and can also be used as an installation and securing aid for the bonding of thin real wood veneers during production. With our SF veneer tapes, a blue polypropylene toil tape serves as the carrier medium for the adhesive coating.
Depending on the version, these self-adhesive tapes can be applied with hand dispensers or by machine. The SF tapes are always applied to the joint of the sections of veneer from the top down. Because no moistening with water is necessary, in many cases, the application process is simplified and accelerated. After the compaction of the sections of veneer and the pressing of adhesive coating, the PP can be removed without any problem. In this way, neither pressure points nor adhesive are left behind, reducing the work required for the mechanical post-processing of the wood surfaces.
The dry application and residue-free removal of our SF veneer tapes lead to considerable increases in efficiency in terms of the modern manufacturing of veneer panels. In addition, the veneer tapes in the SF range are excellently suited to the bonding of exceptionally thin lengths of real wood veneer, because the self-adhesive tapes can be used for the fitting of veneers with thickness of just 0.5 millimetres, or even less.
The veneer tapes in the SF range from Schümann are temperature stable up to 120°C and are available in different standard widths on ready to use reels with a length of up to 66 metres.

Bonding system for the rotary veneer processes

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